A note from Jenni:  Hi.  Dye Scouts hasn't been very active in a while.  Nonetheless, I wanted to keep this section of the site up since, back in the day, some people worked pretty hard on these.  However, following John Dye's untimely passing on 1-10-11, I'm not sure how many of these are things people will really want to do so considered making this a strictly archived page.  But I realized it wasn't my place to dictate how people grieve and how they remember him.  So I only removed/edited items that really weren't applicable any more.  If it makes anyone feel better or amused to do some of this... go for it and I'll enjoy seeing the results and giving you your badge.  John deserves to be remembered and I know we will always remember him with gratitude, love, and much creativity.

All About Me and J/A    All Around the World    Animals    Architecture

Careers    Clothes Make the Fan    Deck the Halls    History    Holidays

Local Legends
    Make a Joyful Noise    My Holiday, My Heritage    Nature Lover
    Sports    Spreading the Word    Visions of Andrew

To receive the badge you must complete 1 of the 2-3 activities listed.

1. History

A: Write a fanfic set in a historical period featuring Andrew.

B. Find 3 historical figures with names Andrew or John in it. For instance a name like Johnson or Andrews is okay. Then give us a three or four sentence paragraph of information on these people.

C. Find three historical events that occurred on January 31st. John's birth cannot be one of them.

2. Perceptions

A. Find three poems (not written by you cause that'll be something else) or 3 songs' lyrics that deal with death. Send the poems or lyrics to us and show us how each views death.

B. Find a movie in which the AOD is mentioned or depicted. Give us a brief summary of the movie and how it views death.

C. Write us and tell us how you viewed death or the Angel of Death before John began playing Andrew and contrast it with your current thoughts (that is your post-Andrew thoughts).

3. Holidays

A. So we know Andrew hates Halloween. But what's his take on other holidays? Write a fanfic about Andrew set on any holiday. If the holiday is a bit misunderstood or not well known please give us a little information on it, too.

B. Invent your own holiday for John or Andrew. Give us the date you pick, it's name, and the traditions and activities for that day.

C. The days of the week are named after gods. July is for Julius Caesar and August is for Caesar Augustus. Now it's your turn to make up a calendar! Come up with names of months and days dealing with John, Andrew, or TBAA.

4. Architecture*

A. Design headquarters for JABB.

B. Andrew's latest assignment has landed him on earth for an extended period of time. He needs a house! Design it for him.

C. Make a deluxe dog house for Chiwawa.

* If you have access to a scanner draw the structure and send us the picture. If not just describe it in vivid detail (we're talking details down to the carpet texture and the color schemes).

5. Spreading the Word

A. Think up 3 or more pro-Andrew slogans that would make people want to watch the show.

B. Imagine you have a limitless budget and have been given the task of getting John publicity. How would you do it?

6. Visions of Andrew

A. Take the lyrics or a song or a poem and dissect it and explain how it reminds you of Andrew or John.

B. Take 3 images and explain how they remind you of John or Andrew. Preferably we would like to see them but if that's not possible just explain them. The images can be abstract or concrete.

C. Answer these questions and explain your answers:

1. If John or Andrew were an animal what would they be?

2. What color comes to mind when you think of him?

3. If all you were to remember of Andrew were 5 snapshots from TBAA which would they be?

7. Clothes Make the Fan**

A. Imagine you wanted to show the world how much you loved John. Design the most outrageous outfit that just screams "obsessed fan."

B. Design a T-shirt for us JABB members.

C. Plot out Andrew's wardrobe for about 4 episodes. If you'd like add lil tidbits of info on what the story line might be for the episodes.

**Like 4 these can be described or scanned.


A. Write a fanfiction in which Andrew either has a pet or his assignment revolves around an animal.

B. Write a poem comparing Andrew to an animal using either similes or metaphors.

An example:

Andrew is like a bee,

flying quietly through the tree.

(LOL so that's really bad but I know you can do better!)

C. Write a story in which Andrew actually gets turned into an animal for an assignment.

9. Careers

A. Write a story in which Andrew's assignment places him either in the job you currently have or one you would like to have in the future.

B. List 5 different occupations beginning with either A or J, describe them briefly, and name well-known people in each field.

C. Andrew has a heavy load of assignments on the way! Plan out his wardrobe for 2 of the following jobs he'll hold while on earth. You can either describe the outfits or draw them and scan them and email them to me.

a. a rock star

b. a professional golf player

c. a fashion designer

d. a late night talk show host

e. a car salesman

f. a top secret government agent

10. All About Me and J/A

A. Write a short story in which you meet Andrew.

B. Make a top ten list of the things you would do if you met Andrew or another John Dye character.  (This is fictional only.)

C. Tell exactly how you came to be an A/J fan.

11. Sports

A. Find 3 sports players with either John or Andrew somewhere in their name. Write a brief paragraph about them.

B. Write a story in which Andrew's assignment has him posing as a great sportsman. Baseball player, basketball player, golfer, what ever!

C. Form 2 Andrew or John themed acrostics with sports related words. Something like this:

Good looking

Obviously an excellent angel

Lights up during reveal scenes

Famous for his hair

12. All Around the World

A. TBAA has went to China, Ireland, and the Sudan. Write a fanfic taking Andrew back to these countries or another country (not the U.S. since almost all the episodes are set here)

B. Research and find out how two different cultures view death.

C. Find TBAA fans from as many different countries as possible, You must have at least 5 different countries represented. You don't need to give us names just give a list like this:

1. Canada- 3 people

2. Mexico- 1 person

3. England- 2 people and so on.....

13. Local Legends

A. If your city is anything like mine you've got legends galore. Maybe a pair of young lovers mysteriously disappeared down at the local park years ago or maybe a ghost haunts the local church. Take one of these legends and add Andrew into it!

B. Find an old Mississippi or Utah legend and give us a brief summary of the story and where you found it.

C. For me there are various places in my town that for one reason or another remind me of TBAA. For instance, I can't go into a certain local restaurant with a 50s theme with out thinking of "Have You Seen Me?". Tell us about one of your "TBAA" places.

14. Nature Lover

A. Write a fanfic in which Andrew is earthbound and stuck in the middle of a hurricane. tornado, massive snow storm, earthquake, or another natural disaster.

B. Write a poem or story as Andrew and describe something in nature you (Andrew) love.

C. Make a word search with nature terms. Leave some letters so that they will not be circled. These letters should spell out a message about A/J. Give us a list of the words to find but let us find the secret message!

15.  My Holiday, My Heritage
A.  Write a fanfic in which Andrew has an assignment who shares your faith or culture.  Set it during a holiday important to your religious or spiritual or cultural beliefs.  You could also write a story featuring another character played by John Dye meeting someone who shares your beliefs.
B.  Does your religion/spirituality/culture offer particular rituals or dates relating to death and the afterlife?  Write a small essay about that.  For example: Day of the Dead, All Saints or All Souls Day, last rites, wakes, kaddish, etc.
C.  TBAA had many holiday-themed episodes and John Dye starred in other films and shows which featured holidays.  Name the holiday episode or movie that had the most personal meaning to you and tell us why in at least 300 words.

16.  Deck the Halls
A.  JABB has come up with several Andrew, John Dye and TBAA related holidays (i.e. Past Assignments' Day, Dye Day, Promotion Day, etc.) .  You can find them listed on the Encyclopedia under the entry titled Holidays.  Pick one of those holidays and describe how you would decorate your home or room in honor of the day.
B.  Describe how you would Andrewify your decorations for a real holiday for which you already decorate.
C.  Actually create a decoration that reflects your appreciation for Andrew, John Dye, or TBAA and send me a digital image of it. 

17.  Make a Joyful Noise
A.  Rewrite a carol or other holiday song with lyrics about Andrew, John Dye, or TBAA and send me your lyrics.  Also tell me what song it was originally.
B.  Write a fanfiction that finds Andrew or another John Dye character actually participating in events like those described in a holiday song.  For example, may be Andrew finds himself at the "Monster Mash" or Bill Morgan ends up delivering presents with Santa and "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" or Doc Hock witnesses the birth of a poor child in Vietnam which leaves him pondering that "Silent Night" hundreds of years ago.
C.  Imagine you're making a mixed CD of holiday songs for Andrew.  List which songs you would include on his CD and tell me why you'd include them.  10 song minimum.

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