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Joy has earned the History badge with the following work:

Fanfic set in a historical period featuring Andrew:

You can read Joy's story entitled "I Have a Dream".

Historical events that took place on Jan. 31st:

January 31st, 1476: Wallachia returned Vlad Tepes (Dracula) to the throne.

January 31st, 1865: Congress proposed the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery.

January 31st, 1917: Berlin notified Washington D.C. that unrestricted

submarine warfare would begin the next day.

January 31st, 1950: President Truman advised the Atomic Energy Commission to proceed with development of the hydrogen bomb.

Joy has earned the Perceptions badge with the following work:

The AOD in movies:

Movie: City Of Angels

This movie explores the theory of an angel falling in love with a human. Although the film focuses mainly upon that particular theme, death also plays an important role. The movie begins with the angel, Seth, taking a young girl Home.

The movie depicts the AOD as a more dark, solemn figure, unlike the bright, joyful countenance "Andrew" displays. The angels in the movie also asked their "assignments" what they liked the most about their human life. The AODs on TBAA are not known to do that.

Views of the Angel of Death:

Before: I usually visualized that when someone died, their spirit immediately went to God. I hadn't even thought about the references to the AOD in the Bible.

After: I now understand the concept of an AOD. I mean, our spirits *would* need guidance and protection while crossing over, just in case a demon might choose to attack or something. And, knowing that you aren't alone when dying has really helped me, especially having had to go through losing as many loved ones as I have.

Joy has earned the Spreading the Word badge with the following work:

Three Pro-Andrew slogans:

1) Death is beautiful- especially if Andrew is your Angel of Death!

2) After Andrew appeared on "Touched By An Angel", *everyone* wanted to see the light!

3) If you want to be "Touched By An Angel", be sure to ask for Andrew!

Getting John Publicity:

First of all, I would rent billboard space across the entire nation and put up ads for TBAA. I would put *tons* of Andrew pics on every one.

Second, I would make several commercials advertising TBAA that contained two minutes worth of *all* Andrew.

I would make tons of T-shirts with different pics of John on them and sell them.

I would have Hallmark make a special Andrew Christmas ornament.

I would make sure John would be People Magazines Sexiest Man Alive!!!!!!!

Joy has earned the Visions of Andrew badge with the following work:

A song that reminds her of John:

Song: Whatever You Do! Don't! - By Shania Twain & Robert John Lange

Deep in Denialville

Tryin' a' fight the way I feel

I go jello when you smile ('cause he uses Colgate! hehehe)

I start blushin' - my head rushin'

If you stand too close to me

I might melt down from the heat (This verse doesn't exactly go

If ya' look my way one more time with my theme, but it's nice

I'm gonna go out of my mind to imagine!)

Whatever you do?


Don't even think about it!

Don't go and get me started (drooling)

Don't you dare drive me crazy!

Don't do that to me, baby!

You stop me in my tracks (If TBAA's on, I'll stop doing

my heart pumpin' to the max *any*thing!)

I'm such a sucker for your eyes (Aren't we all?)

They permanently paralyze (Ooo they're magic!)

Whatever you do?


(Whatever you do, don't do that to me)

You got my heart under attack (Well, at least he's an AOD!)

You give me shivers down my back

D'ya have to walk the way you do? (In those tight, tight jeans?)

I get weak just watchin' you (We all do!)

Whatever you do?


Don't do that - don't do that


Well, you said to "dissect" the song, but I believe it stands better as a whole. I did, however, add comments in parentheses throughout the song. I like this song because it seems to describe exactly how I, and probably *all* Androolers, feel when seeing, hearing, or speaking about John.

Questions and Answers:

1. In John or Andrew were an animal what would he be?

1) a koala bear- 'cause he's so cuddly and lovable

2. What color comes to mind when you think of him?

2) green- 'cause that's his favorite color

3. If all you were to remember of Andrew were 5 snapshots from TBAA which would they be?

a. the prayer on the stairs

b. his look of embarrassment when confronted by "Jackie Cysse" (MDWA)

c. first shot of him on TBAA ("The One That Got Away")

d. shot of him dancing in "The Last Day of the Rest of Your Life"

e. shot of him laughing in "Random Acts" (by the mailbox)

Joy has earned the Clothes Make the Fan badge you can view that work here.

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