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Robin has earned the Holiday badge with the following work:

A holiday themed story:

Andrew's Best Christmas




Andrew sighed, he loved Christmas because it glorified God. What he hated about it was how deceived the kids were. Believing the whole point of Christmas was getting presents and sitting on the lap of some fat man in red clothes, but he loved the music, the lights, and the hustle-bustle to get presents bought and wrapped on time. Andrew chuckled, he couldn't help but think that this must be the favorite holiday of singers. He loved it, the only time he actually had a complete reason to sing. For some reason the Father wanted him to stay in human form this Christmas so he borrowed Tess' car. Andrew was staying with a group of 5 men, 6 if you counted him, so 5 Christmas presents were in order. The men were all strong Christians, and he had developed a friendship with each of them. Andrew sighed, Christmas shopping would be fun especially if he bought presents for Monica and Tess as well as his human friends. That would be interesting. Andrew smiled, and sang with the radio "Joy to the world the Lord is come, let earth receive her king, let every heart, prepare him room.........."





Andrew pushed the shopping cart down the aisle. He wondered what to get Monica for Christmas. "What do you buy for an angel?" he wondered quietly. Andrew sighed, he couldn't get an earthly possession for her because she could never use it. Suddenly he saw the jewelry, he walked over and began looking for something Monica might like. Andrew sighed, he couldn't find anything. Suddenly his eyes rested on a best friend necklace. Andrew smiled. "Perfect," he thought.




Andrew was still shopping hours later. He had bought the best friend necklace for Monica and he knew he could write the lyrics of Tess' favorite songs down, when he got a hold of them. Now he was shopping for his human friends. The group was just 5 (counting Andrew, 6) men that had banded together for 24 hour fellowship, nightly bible studies, daily prayer support, and to win souls for Christ. Andrew smiled. They lived in a 3 bedroom apartment, much like the ones he had shared with Monica and Tess on assignments. Each had 1 roommate. Andrew was looking for a present for his roommate, Dan MacNeal. Andrew sighed, he couldn't find.......suddenly a men's devotional bible caught his eye. "Perfect," he said reaching for it.




Andrew had been bumped into several times, once his cart collided with another person's cart. The store was packed. Andrew was now looking for presents for the group "Leaders" Josh and Jason Melsner, twin brothers who ALWAYS got the same things for Christmas, ALWAYS wore the same close, etc. Andrew finally decided to get both of them a white award study bible. Then came Ryan Weeks, Andrew knew just what to get him. He found a Carman (Ryan's favorite singer) CD. He knew Ryan would love it. Then there was the "Kid" of the group, a 19 year old guy, who had gotten out of high school that summer, Judd Steele. Andrew got this kid something special, he smiled when he saw a collection of DCtalk CDs in one pack. A Christmas special. Andrew bought it. He actually liked shopping! Soon he was in the line to buy everything in his cart. He wished he could do it again, but he had to get back to the apartment so the others could do there shopping. Andrew stood in line, it was taking forever, and his patience was running thin.





Andrew was finally back, glad the gifts were double bagged for surprises. Andrew went to his room where Dan MacNeal sat, waiting for his turn to buy presents. "What took you so long?" he asked trying to sound upset. Andrew smiled, "Well, go to the store and figure it out for yourself." The human and Angel shared a laugh. "I'll do just that, Andrew," Dan said. They shared another laugh as Andrew was left alone to wrap the presents.




Andrew wrapped the presents carefully and took them down stares. Soon all the guys had their presents in a big pile on the kitchen table. Jason grabbed his checkbook and said, "Ready to go pick up the tree?" They all agreed. Andrew drove in Tess' car and the six sang Christmas carols down the street, "Oh Come all ye faithful Joyful and Triumphant, Oh come ye, oh come ye, to Bethlehem.........."






Soon the guys were back in the apartment setting up the tree. Andrew was holding it up from the bottom, Josh and Jason were on either side of the tree, and Judd told them when it was straight. "Just a little more to the left, no that's too far, just a little back." Andrew interrupted "Somebody do something, I'm getting covered with pine needles down here." Suddenly, Judd said, "There, right there, that's straight."

"O.K., let's let go and see if it stays that way." Josh said. The 2 humans and the angel let go of the tree, and, thankfully, it stayed put. Then Andrew crawled out from under it, all the men laughed, he was literally covered in pine needles fallen from the tree. Then Ryan started the Christmas tape, and Judd went back to get the decorations. The music came slowly from the tape player and they all, except for Judd, sang along "Silent night, Holy night, all is calm, all is bright, round young virgin, mother and child................"





Andrew loved helping decorate the tree. It was great to be a part of a wonderful tradition like this. Suddenly Josh broached an issue that no one wanted to talk about. "Andrew, I know you like it here, but I have the oddest feeling you're not staying permanently." Andrew took a deep breath, "I can't say I'm staying permanently, yet at the same time, I can't say I'm not." Andrew wondered why he said the second part of the sentence, maybe it was to show he had placed his entire future in God's hands. Josh sighed, "Andrew, you seem perfectly happy with us, why would you leave?" Andrew took a deep breath "I'm not sure this is were the Father wants me to be, do you understand that?" Josh nodded "Ya, I just don't get it, you've completed our little group, It's obvious God led you here, why would he take you away?" Andrew again took a deep breath, "All of you will understand, one day."




Andrew went up to his room, alone. He flopped onto the bed and cried. He knew that unless he requested to be left in human form permanently, he would have to leave his new friends, but he would see them again. But if he did request to stay in human form permanently then he would never see Monica and Tess again. Monica and Tess, oh how he missed them! It had been less then a month ago when he discovered he had Christmas off, yet it hurt to not see them for even that long. Andrew tried to talk to them "Monica, the only thing that would make this Christmas more perfect is you and Tess being here."




Unseen, even by Andrew, Monica stood at the edge of his bed, Tess at her side. "Tess, What's going on? This hurts him to be separated from us." Tess nodded and said "Andrew's trapped between two worlds, the human world, and the angelic world." Monica's eyes welled up with tears, "Do we have to help him chose?"

"No baby," Tess said "we just have to comfort him in this, so we have a stop to make, in our human form, this Christmas." Monica nodded vigorously.





Dan knocked gently before coming in. "Andrew?" he said quietly. Andrew looked up "Oh, hi." Dan sat on the edge of the bed, "What's bugging you Andrew?" Andrew took a deep breath, "I miss them, I really do." Dan was obviously confused. "Who do you miss?" he asked. Andrew waited a minute before answering. "Monica and Tess," he finally said. Dan was quiet. "Who are they?" he said after a moment's silence. Andrew sighed and said, "The best friends I ever had." Slowly he reached for the only present left unwrapped. "This is for one of them, right?" Andrew looked up and saw the songbook he had made from red construction paper, writing with green colored pencil. Andrew nodded "For Tess, she's a wonderful singer, and I put all the songs I knew that would sound good sung by her." Dan nodded "I know, is she related to you?" Andrew shook his head. "No, we're not related, but she's always been like a mother to me." Dan nodded, "Now I understand why leaving is such a touchy subject for you, you want to stick with Tess and Monica, yet you don't want to leave this group." Andrew slowly nodded "How did you know?" Dan laughed and said "Andrew, you're a part of the family here, and I can read family members minds." Andrew joined in the laughter "Cannot," he said pushing his roommate playfully.




Later that day the guys were sitting on chairs, each facing the TV. They were watching a tape of the Christmas parade. Andrew smiled, it was great to be able to watch the parade late, and be inside, talk about a deal! Andrew watched grinning, he had very rarely gotten to just sit and watch a parade. It was great. The guys were sorta in the middle of a "Parade game." They would select what they would pick for the winners if they had been the judges and see who came the closest. Ryan got it exactly right and Andrew missed it by 1. The guys laughed over their game for hours after the tape ended. Andrew suddenly realized that if he had been spending Christmas with Monica and Tess they never would've thought of this. It was only once in a blue moon that Tess ever laughed, and she NEVER laughed as hard as he was at that moment. He knew his human friends were a gift but his angelic friendships were just as much a gift. He knew they couldn't compare, but he had to make a decision. He was thankful that there was no rush, he couldn't rush into a decision like this.





Andrew smiled, it was Christmas Eve. Andrew loved the entire day, they went over the Christmas story from both Matthew and Luke, and then they each told there own version of it, each following the biblical account. Andrew smiled listing to each of his friends tell what they thought happened exactly. Each told a different part of the story, finally only Andrew and Ryan hadn't told there parts, and it was Andrew's turn. "Well, in the field where all the shepherds were, there was complete silence, everything was dark, and quiet. Suddenly, a bright light nearly blinded them and most of them screamed they were so afraid. Then, out of the light came a voice that said, 'Fear not, for I bring you good tidings of great joy that shall be unto ALL people, for unto you is born this day, in the city of David, a savior, Christ the Lord, and this will be a sign unto you, ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling cloth, and lying in a manger.' The shepherds looked up and saw an angel, the light was almost generating from it, but it more seemed to SURROUND it the generate from it." Andrew was suddenly aware everyone was staring at him, he realized what vivid detail he was describing everything in. Andrew smiled and continued, "The shepherds started to calm down a little bit, when the light became hundreds times brighter. Suddenly, the original angel joined by hundreds of others called out, 'Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace, good will to men.' Then, just as suddenly as it came, the light was gone, leaving them to let there eyes adjust to the darkness again. Suddenly, the shepherds decided to go to Bethlehem, the city of David, to see if what the Angels had said was true." Everyone smiled and Jason said "Andrew, you're quite a story teller." Andrew blushed "Well, I guess I just know the Christmas story backwards and forwards." Everyone nodded and Ryan took over the story.




Andrew went to bed. He was worn out. It was late, and they were getting up at 8 the next morning. It only took 5 minutes before Andrew dropped off to a restful sleep.





The next morning Andrew woke up to Dan shaking him to wake up. "Hey, Andrew, rise and shine." Andrew barely heard it, he just groaned and rolled over. Dan continued shaking him. "C'mon man, it's Christmas, you can't spend Christmas in bed." Andrew groaned again and mumbled "I can't?" Dan laughed and said, "At least not when you're my roommate." And with that Dan began tickling Andrew's feet. Andrew jumped up and grabbed his pillow. "I can't sleep through that!" he yelled, and barely gave Dan enough time to grab his own pillow before swinging his pillow at Dan. Dan just laughed and swung back. Soon they were in a full-blown pillow fight. Suddenly a knock was heard on the doors. Both angel and human threw there pillows onto the bed, sat down and called out in unison, putting on there sleepiest voices "Come in." They had swung there legs into the bed and pretended to be barely awake. Jason opened the door and said, "Don't hand me that, you could be heard all the way in the living room, Mr. Pillow fighters." Andrew and Dan sat up. They laughed and followed Jason downstairs.




When all of them were finally together downstairs they opened the presents, Andrew loved every one of his. They were all confused at the presents that weren't for any of them. Andrew had to explain about his other friends. Then they talked about everything. They talked all day. That evening they were talking about the one thing that would make this Christmas more perfect, each had a different answer. Finally it was Andrew's turn. "Well, the only thing is......" Andrew never finished his statement, the doorbell rang. Andrew went to open it, he was surprised to see Monica and Tess standing there. "Monica, Tess!" he exclaimed "Yes, baby, could you let us in?" Tess said quickly. Andrew stepped aside and introduced his friends to the group. Then one of them said, "Andrew, you never told us what could make this Christmas more perfect for you." Andrew beamed and said "Well, the truth is, now that Monica and Tess are here, the answer is........." Andrew paused and looked around "Nothing." Everyone was shocked. Until Andrew said "But I could go for a big group hug." Everyone laughed and the 5 men and 3 angels got into one big group hug. Andrew couldn't thing of a better way to spend Christmas.





Several days later, the day after new years, Andrew was getting ready to leave. "Andrew, are you sure you want to leave?" Jason asked. Andrew nodded, "Yes, I'm sure. I've prayed long and hard about this, and I've realized this isn't were God intends me to be." Jason sighed, "Can't blame me for tryin' can ya?" he said. Andrew laughed and said, "No, I can't blame you." Josh then said, "O.K., guys, he's really leaving, you can bring it out now." Andrew was surprised when Dan went inside and came out with a small book, made with construction paper. "We wrote down all the songs we've sang since you came here, and we put them in this book." Jason said taking the book from Ryan and holding it out to Andrew. Andrew smiled and took it, tears welling up in his eyes. "I'll miss all of you," he choked out. Each member of the group held out their arms for a group hug. Andrew gladly fell into the embrace of his 5 loving, human friends and said, "I'll try to be back next year." The he backed off. "No promises though, the only promise you have from me is that I'll never forget you." Then Dan said, "I won't let them forget you either." This statement made all of them laugh, Andrew suddenly heard the car horn honk, causing them to laugh again. "Well, I guess I better go, Tess can be impatient at times." After one last hug from each of them Andrew turned on his heel and walked away. But just before he got to the car, he turned and waved, and was happy to see 5 hands wave back. Andrew got in the car and Tess drove off. Andrew sighed, this was the hardest part. He threw the music book out of the car, but much to his surprise instead of it turning into a dove, a dove flew out of no where, grabbed the music book in it's beak, and flew it to heaven. Andrew smiled at it and said, "Thank you dove." Then he turned his gaze to heaven, and said, "And thank you Lord." Andrew's gaze shifted to his friends. "It's good to be finally going home," he said as the dove continued its graceful flight to heaven.


A holiday for Andrew:

October 30, Andrew's Day


The day before Halloween, the day before the day Andrew hates the most. Why not spend time before that celebrating the thought of the REAL Angel of Death being calm, peaceful, and cute, instead of rough, fearful, and ugly.

The colors of Andrew's Day are white, green, and yellow.

The stuff that happens is you get all the Halloween "Touched"s you can get your hands on and watch them through out the Day. Always discuss the episode with whoever watched it with you. Another tradition is to eat all the "good for you food" you can (eggs, apples, bananas, cheese, carrots, etc.). (Preferably while watching the episodes). Also, avoid chocolate all Day.


Robin has earned the Architecture badge with the following work:

Chiwawa's Deluxe Dog House:

At a glance, it seems to be a normal doghouse. Albeit a little large for such a small dog. The walls are 42 inches high, forming an eight-by-five foot rectangle. Painted brown, it has a shingle roof at a 45 degree angle. But, unusually, it's entrance is only 9 inches high and roughly 12 inches wide. If you looked inside, you'd see the reason...the ceiling upon entering is only 20 inches high, and at the back of the room a small staircase goes up to a second floor.

The first floor is fairly Spartan. Dirt floor with a small, reddish-brown circular carpet that only covers about four feet in all directions at it's furthest reach. To the left are food and water bowls, and to the right is a cute little treat dispenser, attached to the wall with a little paw-pedal to drop out the treat. The stairs themselves are relatively steep, about three inches high each.

The upstairs is much nicer...with a thick white carpet covering from floor to floor. A silver-framed mirror adorned the far wall over the downstairs doorway. In the center of the room lies a basket padded down with baby blankets. The basket is relatively large...about 10 inches deep and a good two feet around. It's clearly designed as a bed.

Overall, it's a beautiful home for a small creature.  Think one JABB mascot will enjoy it?


Robin has earned the Clothes Make the Fan badge with the following work:

Andrew's wardrobe for four episodes:

In the first episode, Andrew's assignment leads him to be a substitute English teacher at a high school.  His assignment is the class troublemaker who has some serious home issues, and may be putting himself in danger by hanging out with the wrong people.  During the classroom scenes he wears blue jeans, a long-sleeved white shirt, and a blue vest-sweater (sweater-like material, vest shaped). When the kid has a near-miss at some point...Andrew appears in his beige suit from season 6. 

In the second episode, Andrew's assignment is a private investigator who's been a bitter cynic since his own daughter died five years ago.  Andrew enters the picture as a stranger with a "personal interest" in the PI's most recent case, a missing persons case involving a five-year-old girl.  Andrew enters the picture wearing brown slacks and a white button-up shirt and later, he wears jeans, white shirt, and his leather jacket. 

Andrew's a cop this time 'round.  His assignment is a gang of young boys who were Monica's assignment, but have been giving her almost more trouble then they can handle.  Andrew appears in uniform (LA sherif's department uniform, black pants, tan shirt) when Monica gets in over her head and later, appears in his white suit to the leader of the gang, who rejects Monica's message because of her female form.

For the fourth episode, Andrew's assignment is a paranoid elderly woman who's going to die...and knows it.  She's just too stubborn to admit it, and thus is unwilling to take anything resembling risks.  Nothing will qualify for this episode besides the much-loved Dove Grey Death Suit!  He wears it the entire episode, as he's functioning as AOD for the whole thing.

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