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Sammy has earned the All about Me and J/A badge with the following work:

A story on what it would be like to meet him:


I was walking down the street one day when I ran into a young man who looked about mid 30's or a little older.

"Oh I'm sorry," he said but when I looked up I began to freak.

"Oh my gosh it's you! Your oh my gosh!" I cried. He just simply laughed.

"Hi I'm Andrew."

"Yeah I know, the AOD, my name is Samantha. You're not here because of, you know?" I asked he laughed and shook his head no.

"Just taking a stroll though the park before I go home."

"Wow this is so cool I watch TBAA everyday."


"You wanna have some breakfest? Then you know maybe you could meet some of my friends online."

"You aren't part of a group called JABB are you?" He asked me, I nodded.

"Hey cool. I've e-mailed some of them. Sure I'd love to." And with that we walked to my house and ate breakfast and went to talk to some of the JABB members.


Her Top Ten:

10.Scream, yell, faint, so he could stay with me until I awoke.

9.Annoy him until he signs his picture for me.

8.Beg him to let me take him out to dinner and call it My Dinner With Andrew.

7.Ask him if I'm dying.

6.Tell him thanks for helping me overcome my fear of death.

5.Ask him if I can go back to the set with him to meet Rafael.

4. Tell him to avoid a girl named Christina G***n and he'll live a much longer and happier life.

3.Tell him I'm a huge fan.

2.Stalk him until he takes me home.

1.Say "You're so cool what's heaven like?"

How Sammy became an A/J fan:

I was about 6 or 7 when I heard about this new show based of the love for God. I watched it twice and I hated it. I didn't like the idea of an angel who had no clue what she was doing unless her friend was around. About a year later I happened upon the same show, rolling my eyes I said nothing else is on so I decided to grit my teeth and watch it. So it began. Then suddenly this really cute guy wearing a white scarf came into one of the scenes. I looked him up and down at first I laughed he has an earring. Then I found out he was the Angel of Death, then I started laughing really hard, hey man the AOD is a cute guy with a earring, Oh he was so cute, so then I started watching it more, he wasn't in every epsoide but I still watched it. Sooner or later I got hooked. Now it's 5 years later and I have nearly every episode on tape.

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